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What is McAfee Pop-Up Blocker and How does it work?

McAfee Antivirus is well known in the market due to its trough security against virus, malware, Trojans and online threats. This antivirus software promises you to keep your personal data and sensitive files completely safe on your device. It comes with amazing features through which it safeguards your device. Apart from this, McAfee comes with Pop-Ups that are specifically made to notify you for the Update information, ads information or any other McAfee latest product or version. The pop-ups are always active in your device and notify you whenever any information is updated.

While browsing the internet, some of the websites show pop-up advertisement at the top of your screen. These pop-ups are generally unwanted and useless. It also distracts you from your task which you are doing at the moment. For instance, sometimes you are watching a movie in full screen and suddenly a pop-up appears on the screen and disturbs you. At that time, it becomes really irritating. In that case, you wish to block the pop-ups. It is not necessary that all the pop-up blocker will guarantee success while blocking the Pop-ups. Exactly by keeping this in mind, McAfee Internet Security comes with a potential to block these unwanted and irritating pop-ups named McAfee Pop-Up Blockers. You can turn it on for the exceptional protection against pop-ups and ads.

Here are the exact methods of using McAfee Pop-Up Blocker through which you can easily block the Pop-ups:

• First, start the McAfee Internet Security
• Then, click on ‘Options’ that appears at the top of the screen
• Now, click on ‘Block Ads’ that appears in the opened window
• After that, click on ‘Blocks ads on this computer’
• In the end, click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok’

Now, the Pop-ups and ads are completely disabled when you browse the internet. Through this process, you can easily block the pop-ups and enjoy the full-screen application and game experience. By disabling McAfee pop-ups you are now not able to receive any update notifications and ads. You will need to check the updates and other information from the McAfee interface. If you are still receiving any pop-ups then it is advisable to get connected with the experts at McAfee Contact Number UK. You can get instant help from the technician in order to resolve your issue. The representatives are available always on the working days and provide you with their precious support in an effective manner.